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Cozi Zuehlsdorff Shares a Super Sweet Story About Zendaya


Cozi Zuehlsdorff Shares a Super Sweet Story About Zendaya

“I vividly remember her stopping while we were rehearsing the scene”

While Cozi Zuehlsdorff just made her DCOM debut in Freaky Friday, it definitely wasn’t the first time she ever appeared on Disney Channel. Back in 2016, she guest starred as a Southern bounty hunter named Pinky on an episode of K.C. Undercover, and witnessed a moment with the show’s star and producer, Zendaya, that would have a lasting impact.

“Zendaya’s character and I had a rivalry throughout the episode, to the point where our characters would make digs at each other,” she remembers. “A couple days into rehearsals, some joke had been tossed in, in which Zendaya’s character ragged mine in a way that didn’t really flatter my character, like how my character had probably never been introduced to a library and/or indoor plumbing or something.”

“I vividly remember Zendaya stopping while we were rehearsing and going, (this is a paraphrase), ‘I don’t love this one. Can we switch this to a joke about her work, or something that gives her more credit?’ She was a producer on the show, and as such could give this kind of input.”

“I was struck by the easy, mellow way she commanded the space, the sensitivity she had toward her young audience, and the effortless presence that gave a note with mellowness (not a real word ??). Anyway, it’s never left me, and I just wanted to share that lil story because it’s her birthday today! Happy birthday Zendaya ?? thanks for being who you are!”

We love hearing stories like this and so appreciate Cozi sharing it with us. Watch Cozi share more memories from her journey below. 

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