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#CrushAlert: 10 Things to Know About J Hype


#CrushAlert: 10 Things to Know About J Hype

The “Boy Band” finalist is beatboxing his way to the final five!

Typically, summer TV is full of reruns, but thanks to ABC’s “Boy Band,” Thursday nights are lit!


We’re loving ALL of the guys, especially J Hype, who served up a super memorable audition and even beatboxed alongside Timbaland!

Here are 10 facts to know about the 14-year-old “Boy Band” finalist:

1. He’s from Las Vegas, Nevada.

2. At 14, he’s the youngest contestant on the show.

3. But not the shortest! He’s 6’2!

4. He loves Skittles.

5. But not as much as he loves his little sister, Molly! “She’s the coolest person I know,” he says. Watch this adorable throwback vid of the pair:

6. His fave brand is adidas:

7. He used to have braces.

8. He plays the drums:

9. He’s been beatboxing for years! Check him out performing at a school talent show in 2013:

10. He’s got bars, too! Watch him slay the “So Gone” challenge:

Watch J Hype every Thursday night on ABC’s “Boy Band.”

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