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Daylight Savings May Actually Be Giving You “Winter Blues”


Daylight Savings May Actually Be Giving You “Winter Blues”

Find out what it actually is and how you can prevent it!

The time change is always fantastic when you get that extra hour of sleep in, but it becomes less savory when we lose more and more daylight. Of course it makes us think that it’s midnight when it’s only six o’clock, but it can actually have harmful effects on our health.


“Winter Blues” is actually a thing! If you’re experiencing depressed moods, difficulty sleeping, or weight gain, know that you’re not alone! Spending more hours with darkness can lead to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


Bethesda psychiatrist Dr. Norman Rosenthal shared his insight to the disorder. It can be totally biological. Sunlight gives us serotonin, a known fighter against depression. Without it, our bodies are reacting negatively to its absence. With less serotonin in our diet, many experience an increase in depression.


It doesn’t look we’ll be getting more daylight for a few months, but we want to help you ditch through these “winter blues!” SAD is totally preventable and you can do many things to improve your mood.


Rosenthal says going for  a walk first thing in the morning can lower your stress levels. It could be even better to wake up a little earlier to catch the early rays of sunshine. Plus, exercise nearly always helps to better your mood! When you work out, you release endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in your body!

As always, don’t be afraid to reach out! So many are feeling the chill from the “winter blues” too! Staying connecting with people can help not only yourself but others!

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