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Dove Cameron Shares Wise Advice About Overcoming Sad and Isolating Times


Dove Cameron Shares Wise Advice About Overcoming Sad and Isolating Times

The actress has step-by-step advice for exploring a happier you.

When it comes to sharing some of the realest words of wisdom out there, Dove Cameron is truly tops. The “Descendants 2” star has an incredible way with words, and is a constant source of inspiration for her fans. And while Dove frequently posts motivational messages and tidbits of advice on her Twitter, she has also been known to take to DMs to share more in-depth advice with her followers.

When a fan recently reached out to her for some help about what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with sadness, Dove decided to post a screenshot of her reply messages so that others going through similar situations may also experience her answers.

“Wrote this as a reply to one of my sweet fans, and realized it might be helpful for more than one human today. i love you all,” Dove captioned her post.

As you can see, Dove didn’t just share a “be happy!” message. It’s not that simple. So instead, she shared what she personally does when she’s feeling sad, which includes putting down her phone and making personal connections instead.

“So much of your sadness (you will find) comes from isolation,” she wrote. “We, as a society, don’t realize how isolated we have become from one another. It causes depression and anxiety and leads to a lifetime of loneliness.”

“We don’t even realize because everyone is going through it,” she added. To try to fix this, Dove advises us all to focus on ourselves, our families, and our friends, and take care of each other.

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