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Dove Cameron Met Her Idol And Took Down Instagram Haters In The Same Weekend


Dove Cameron Met Her Idol And Took Down Instagram Haters In The Same Weekend

How she defended herself and her friend when social media turned ugly.

We already told you why we love Dove Cameron’s Instagram and how she’s always posting inspiring words and photos, but this weekend she proved that she can also stand up for herself when some nasty comments on Instagram began popping up.

Just days ago Dove posted the below photo with the caption, “She said yes!!” She thought she was just posting a photo to celebrate her friend’s engagement and congratulate her publicly, but what she got was a ton of Instagram hate and confusion.

Commentors assumed that Dove meant that she and her friend, Emmy Buckner (also known as Dove’s stand in on Live & Maddie) had gotten engaged and the hateful comments took off from there. Dove took to the post to defend herself and her friend, and also lay some wisdom on the ignorant commentors. The new caption reads, “(Y’all are creating way too much negativity. Wasn’t even gonna comment, but for real: it’s 2016. I’m dating @mccarya and not engaged to my female best friend Emmy, but for real? If I was, would I be less of an actress, singer, woman or role model? Let’s embrace our sexuality, whatever that may be, and create a world where people who are born who they are and can’t change that can feel COMFORTABLE TO EXIST. It is a human right to live the life we want and love the people we love. Let’s get it together. Also: cheek kisses are magical, even with members of the same sex. Try it! It’ll make you giggle and blush, promise! Hope you find happiness. XX)”

It looks like karma found Dove for that awesome post, because just one day later she ended up meeting her acting hero, Johnny Depp.

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