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DUDESXDONUTS Is The Instagram Account You Didn’t Know You Needed


DUDESXDONUTS Is The Instagram Account You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

This new account combines two things we’re big fans of – super cute guys eating tasty donuts. Since breaking onto the IG scene this summer, they’ve featured interviews with stars like Tahj Mowry, Steffan Argus & Wesley Stromberg.


The genius account came from friends Annie and Natalie who explained to us how it all started. “DUDESxDONUTS came to be after sitting around and wondering how we could come up with an online platform that spotlighted the things people from our generation love. We both have a thing for donuts, and thought, what if we combined hot guys and donuts? Thus, DUDESxDONUTS came to be.”


Annie and Natalie both started their careers in public relations but saw some serious potential DUDESxDONUTS when the idea came to them. “Within 48 hours we had our first three guys photographed and interviewed. We love the simplicity of featuring our DUDES and throwing in iconic pop culture references. Topics like Teen People and The Olsen Twins meant so much to us and they have become a staple of our overall DUDES x DONUTS brand!”



The account spotlights both celebs and normal, everyday (super cute) guys talking about everything from their favorite chick flick to more controversial topics like *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys.

For more swoon-worthy boys & donuts be sure to check out their Instagram account @dudesxdonuts and hit the follow button to make your feed even more magical.

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