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EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Boyce Reflects on Landing His “Jessie” Role


EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Boyce Reflects on Landing His “Jessie” Role

The 16-year-old spills on fame and more.

When he was just a kid, Cameron Boyce found himself appearing in major motion pictures like Eagle Eye and Grown Ups. But it was the role of Luke on Disney Channel’s Jessie that would change his life forever. Cameron came to the YSBnow House to reflect on his journey to Disney Channel in this exclusive interview.

Cameron had been working as a professional actor for years before landing the part of Luke on the Disney Channel series. Landing the role was the beginning of something incredible for Cameron, but he quickly learned that his life would never be the same.

“When I got “Jessie”, it was strange,” Cameron reveals. “Actually, you know what, I was really excited at first, but then when it came out and people were coming up to me on the street, it was like, ok this is how this works and I was very green.”

Cameron also talked to us about the first time he met co-star Debby Ryan. Watch the adorable video below.

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