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“Everyone deserves a shot to be seen for who they are.”

Chloe Lukasiak was only ten years old when she first danced into our hearts on the reality series Dance Moms. And while she’d light up during every performance, things were different once she left the stage. “I was really quiet,” she explains. “I barely talked to anyone. Up until sixth grade, my teacher was my best friend.”


Like a lot of girls her age, Chloe was concerned she’d get teased. “I was always afraid they were going to make fun of me or laugh at me,” she says. “But if you’re yourself and you just have fun, then they’ll most likely have fun with you.”

And lately, Chloe’s been having a lot of fun. In August, she won her first Teen Choice Award and delivered an inspiring acceptance speech that’s since racked up millions of views on YouTube. “To anyone who’s been told they can’t do it, shouldn’t do it, or isn’t good enough to do it, do it anyway and prove them wrong,” she said.

After conquering the dance world, Chloe discovered a new passion: acting. “I feel like people sort of think of me differently because I got my start on a reality show – even if that’s not true, that’s just how I perceive it,” she said. Determined, Chloe enrolled in acting classes, and last November, she scored her first major role in Center Stage: Dance Camp. “That was a huge moment for me,” she says.

What’s also huge is Chloe’s social media following. But while she appreciates every single fan, it’s not something she’s concerned about – and she doesn’t think you should worry about things like that either. “I really don’t think it matters how many Instagram followers you have or the kind of clothes you wear or the kind of car you drive,” she says. “At the end of the day, all that people really see when they talk to you is who you are and your personality and that’s what matters most. I think that everyone should be treated equally. Everyone just deserves a shot to be seen for who they are.” 

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Photos by Joe Magnani

Hair by Matilde Campos & Styling by Robiat Balogun

On Chloe: Earrings – Drukker Designs, Bracelet – Nordstrom, Dress – MacDuggal 

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