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Long before Luke Mullen made his Disney Channel debut on Andi Mack, and even prior to discovering his love of acting, the California kid had another love: nature. “My dad immersed me in it,” he says. “He’s a biologist and he would take me on hikes, camping, and backpacking trips. Getting out in nature at such a young age, I really fell in love with it.”

Now 17 years old, Luke is a passionate environmentalist. “Preserving our environment is the most important issue we face today because we have ten years before we are at a point of no return,” he says. “I think it’s really important that people start getting motivated and start taking action.”

And that’s exactly what Luke is doing. He regularly participates in climate marches, lends his talents to educational videos, and currently serves as Vice President of Tomorrow’s Green, a non-profit in his hometown of Santa Barbara that organizes beach cleanups, tree planting days, and more.

But he’d be doing it with or without his celebrity status. “With Andi Mack, I now have this platform to share my thoughts on the environment,” he says. “But I was doing this way before I was acting. I was out in nature, planting a tree here and there, or helping my dad save an animal.”

Luke would also be making an impact whether he had 32 Instagram followers or his current tally of 332,000. “You dont have to have social media influence to make an impact in your community,” he stresses. “You can get out there and pick up trash on the beach, or get involved in a local organization that helps preserve land. There’s so much you can do and whatever your interests are, you can cater to that and just start helping. Because it really makes the world a beter place. And I think that’s the world we all want to live in – a world where everyone helps each other.”

Luke Mullen 5

He brings this up several times throughout the interview, showing both how passionate he is about the planet, and about people. He’s the kind of guy who could care less about how many film credits or followers you have, and would rather hear about how you’re making a difference. “Everyone has a voice and everyone should be using that voice to make change,” he says. “Because at the end of the day, it’s what gives us life. I think helping each other is the most important thing we can do in our lives. If we can all come together to make impactful change, that’s what’s going to change our world.”

Luke is changing the world – and you can, too. Visit to find opportunities in your local community.


Luke is outfitted by Friar Tux

Photos by Joe Magnani

Styling by Robiat Balogun

Grooming by Maitlde Campos, Sabrina Porsche, and Anton Khachaturian

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