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Midnight Angels: Exclusive “Firewall” Video Premiere & Interview


Midnight Angels: Exclusive “Firewall” Video Premiere & Interview

Over the past few years, aspiring young musicians have often followed the same trajectory in pursuit of industry success: Spend hours a day building a massive social media following and record labels and management companies will start calling. But instead of spending hours on their smartphones, sisters Christine and Lysette Lee spent years learning multiple instruments and honing their artistry. Before they could even drive, the duo was performing at local music venues across Southern California. “We would learn around 40 to 50 songs and that was insane,” says Lysette, 15. “We played four to five hour sets and it was very tiring, but it was so much fun.”

While their music journey started as a fun hobby, performing live shows quickly turned it into a professional career. “After we started getting more gigs and playing in front of bigger audiences, we noticed that audiences really enjoyed our sound and watching us play live,” says Christine, 17. “That’s when I was like, ‘Okay, maybe we can actually do this!'” And the Midnight Angels were born.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they recorded dozens of songs in their home studio and continued to hone their sound. Yet despite being seasoned musicians and performers, Christine and Lysette still deal with hate. “We’ve definitely had our fair share of negativity,” says Lysette. “We’ve had a lot of people telling us we can’t do this, or you’re not good.” But they don’t let it bring them down; in fact, they channel it into their music. Like their inspiring new bop, “Firewall,” where they sing, “You’ll never shut me out…I’ll face the flame.”

Christine and Lysette are facing the flame, and their music and message are garnering new fans every day. “If what you’re doing is truly something that you love, that’s all that matters,” says Christine.

And they want you to love yourself for who you truly are. “When you embrace yourself, you get a little bit of confidence and self-worth,” adds Lysette. “And when you have that, it’s very hard for people to tear you down.”

Watch the premiere of “Firewall” below and get to know Christine and Lysette in our exclusive interview!

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