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EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Rising Singer Karina Rae


EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Rising Singer Karina Rae

She’s about to drop her new track, “Go Off.”

It’s very possible that you first got to know singer Karina Rae after she covered “Best Mistake” with Sammy Wilk. But now, she’s gearing up to drop a fresh new single that reflects how much she’s grown in her musical storytelling. To celebrate, YSBnow caught up with the rising star to learn about her earliest days making music, and what’s coming up next for her. Check out our exclusive Q&A with the singer below!

YSBnow: How would you describe your career so far, and what are your biggest goals for where
your music will take you?

Karina Rae: The ride so far pursuing this kind of career has been insane. I’ve grown a ton as an artist but more importantly as a person.

YSBnow: Do you remember your earliest music memory, that first got you interested in music?

Karina Rae: My parents tell me that I was singing before I could speak, and that a trick they would use when I would get antsy in the car is turn on the radio or play a CD. I’d shut up instantly and start singing. My love for music and singing started really young when I would perform at any given chance during my elementary school years. Then, going into middle school I’d sing at every assembly, local events and more. The rest is pretty much history.

YSBnow: Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Karina Rae: Right now, I look up to a lot of different people. I’d say the most influential person to me as a performer is Beyoncé. I’ve seen her live performances every chance I got when she would come to Boston. I try to give the same energy during my performances.

YSBnow: What can our readers look forward to hearing from you?

Karina Rae: I have new music FINALLY coming out this year, starting with my first single, “Go Off”. The song is the first song I’ve written and helped arrange from start to finish. I wrote it after my ex- boyfriend had broken up with me. It’s a good one. It’ll be out on every streaming platform.

We definitely can’t wait to hear more from Karina!

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