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EXCLUSIVE: “I had a mouth full of braces and wore way too much lipstick!”


EXCLUSIVE: “I had a mouth full of braces and wore way too much lipstick!”

Alexis G. Zall reveals her vlogging journey and shares some awesome advice.

With her positive energy and hilarious personality, Alexis G Zall is one of our favorite vloggers. With two upcoming feature films and over 30 million YouTube views, the 17-year-old Arizona native is totally killin’ it. “I first started making videos when I was 13,” she says. “I had a mouth full of braces and way too much lipstick!”

So what advice does Alexis have for aspiring vloggers? “Being comfortable in your own skin and having your own perspective on life is essential,” she says. “The more comfortable and relaxed you are, the more people can feel it.” Alexis may be referring to YouTube, but we think her wise words should be remembered all the time, like at school and when you’re trying to make new friends.

It’s quite possible that Alexis gets her easygoing personality from her parents, who went online to buy plane tickets a few months ago, and ended up booking a trip to Vietnam instead! “After finding out that visiting family and flying to Vietnam over Thanksgiving would be the same price, it was off to ‘Nam we went,” she says. “Sorry family!” LOL!

And while Alexis loves being spontaneous, she also knows that planning can be important, too. So she thought of a great way to combine planning with fun: the 2016 Lettuce Guide, which features Alexis and fellow YouTubers, Alyx Weiss and Andrea Russett.  “The pictures are very weird and funky,” she says. “There’s also an interactive element so that everyone who buys the calendar will be privy to special holidays, which those of us in the know will be celebrating together on social media!”  And be on the lookout for Season 2 of her rad podcast, Zall Good with Alexis G Zall. “The game is totally upped & I cannot wait to share it,” she smiles. 

And Alexis has a special message for everyone out there who’s got a dream. “If you try really hard at what you enjoy doing, and then try just a little harder, I promise you will find results! And, I’m a big believer that when you decide you’re beautiful…YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL!  Zall Good!”


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