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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Our Day On The Set of “Knight Squad”


EXCLUSIVE: Inside Our Day On The Set of “Knight Squad”

YSBnow’s Natasha spills all from the set!

Hey guys! YSBnow Reporter Natasha here! One of my favorite parts of being an entertainment reporter is getting to visit and observe all kinds of jobs that go into making the TV shows that I love. There’s always something really special about being on a big movie studio lot, and fortunately for me, Nickelodeon’s new show “Knight Squad” films at Paramount Studios, which is one of the most iconic ever!

When I arrived at the studio, I noticed that a ton of my favorite shows were also filming there. Any “This Is Us” fans in the house? I walked right by the cast’s trailers on my way to the “Knight Squad” set and had to keep my cool since some of the cast was outside just hanging out! When I found the “Knight Squad” stage, I greeted my pals Jaheem Toombs and Lilimar, who we’re definitely obsessed with over at YSBnow!

If you’ve never been to a TV set before, let me just tell you that it’s basically nothing like it looks on TV! None of the rooms have ceilings (because there are lights up there), and on the other side of where the action is happening, there are directors and producers making sure the scene is going well! The day I visited was a rehearsal day, so they invited the family of the cast and the reporters to watch the cast do a run-through of the episode. First of all, I have to say that this show is freaking HILARIOUS. I was laughing the whole time! I was even worried I was laughing too loudly! Lilimar brings the sass, Daniella Perkins brings the morals and the silly jokes, and the rest of the cast is filled with superstars that I’m so excited for you guys to get to know.


I can’t say much about what the episode was about, but just know that this show is full of heart-warming moments, important messages that you’ll definitely apply to your own life, and the jokes are going to have you pausing the show so you don’t miss any more jokes while you’re still laughing.

After the run-through, I got to chat with the cast of the show and they’re SO excited for you guys to see it. This show has been a thing in the making since 2016, and the cast and crew have worked so hard to bring you guys a show you’re going to love. Trust me, they delivered!

My interviews with the cast will be up soon, but in the meantime, check out the trailer for “Knight Squad” now and watch Lilimar talk to us about who she channeled for the role!

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