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EXCLUSIVE: Laura Talks Acting Roots & Landing “Austin & Ally” Role


EXCLUSIVE: Laura Talks Acting Roots & Landing “Austin & Ally” Role

How Laura Marano landed her first agent & started acting professionally.

Before Austin & Ally was even a concept in someone’s head, there was a precocious pair of sisters growing up just outside of Los Angeles whose mom ran a local theatre. Being surrounded by plays and artists, the girls fell in love with acting and performing and decided that they wanted to be actors, too. Their mom wasn’t so sure, but fate would have other plans for Laura and Vanessa Marano.

During Laura’s first interview with YSBnow,

the triple threat star talked to us about how she turned her dream into a reality and got her start in Hollywood. Not only would Laura land the lead role of Ally Dawson in Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, she went on to create a powerful fanbase and venture into writing movies, a successful music career, and more. But before all of that, Laura’s mom didn’t want her to be an actress. “So what does a caring mom do,” Laura questions. “She looks up agents that turn down kids like 95% of the time,” she laughs. Hoping the agent’s rejection would discourage Laura and Vanessa from acting careers, their mom was shocked when the girls were signed! And the rest is history!

Watch below.


Take a walk down memory lane and watch the first EVER trailer for “Austin & Ally” below.

Laura opens up in her exclusive YSBnow cover story in 2015. Watch below.

New Music!

Laura posted a new video to her YouTube channel featuring her song “Can’t Hold On Forever” while also raising money to donate to the ACLU. Here’s what the “Saving Zoe” star said:

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can use my platform to help. There are so many organizations that are doing great work right now, and the ACLU has done some important work helping to protect people’s right to protest and fighting for cities’ funding to go into their communities. I’m happy I can use this video to highlight them and give you all a chance to donate.”


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