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EXCLUSIVE: “Lethal Weapon” Star Dante Brown Delivered The Only Fri-YAY Playlist You Need


EXCLUSIVE: “Lethal Weapon” Star Dante Brown Delivered The Only Fri-YAY Playlist You Need

He’s bringing you all the hits.

 Photo Credit: Isaac Sterling

Happy Fri-YAY everybody! This week, we have an exclusive playlist just for our YSBnow fam from Lethal Weapon star Dante Brown! 

Dante plays Roger on the hit Fox show and his other credits include shows like Henry Danger, Shameless, and many more. 

Dante loves hip-hop and and his playlist is pretty much perfect if you’re trying to make this weekend super lit. 

Here are the songs Dante chose and why. You can listen along on the playlist below!

1) Bad and Boujee by Migos “I love this song and just the way it starts up, is crazy. I would say the best place to listen to this is at a party or just a lonely turn up.”

2) Bounce Back by Big Sean “This song describes my inner spirit! The beat goes crazy. Listen to to this with friends or when you need inspiration.”

3) Caroline by Aminé “Listen to this with your gf or bf, so they feel special. Dope song.”

4) California by Childish Gambino “Listen to this by yourself or with friends. Great singalong song.”

 5) Fake Love by Drake “Another great singalong song. Cool for parties or just by yourself when you’re feeling some type of way.” 

6) 24k Magic by Bruno Mars “Great song to dance to and a cool party song.” 

7) Black Beetles by Rae Sremmurd “A great party song.”

8) Ultralight Beam by Kanye West “Great chill song and one of my favorites, because anything Kanye is great.”

9) Living Single by Big Sean “Another chill song I just got into.Vibe with your gf or bf with this one.”

10) Used To This by Future “Very laid back, chill song. I like listening to this while driving.”

BONUS: Dante also raps and we highly recommend checking out his Soundcloud! Here’s a song he included as a bonus track to the playlist:

Thanks, Dante! Let us know if you guys are loving his Friday tracks.

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