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EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul Spills All On “The Thinning” and What’s Next For Him


EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul Spills All On “The Thinning” and What’s Next For Him

“I want people to walk out and be like, “that was not even Logan Paul.'”

We chatted with Logan Paul yesterday about his new movie The Thinning which he stars in alongside Peyton List. Here’s what he spilled about the intense new thriller. 

YSB: Tell us what the movie is about. 

LP: The Thinning is a dystopian thriller thatt takes place in a future United States where the population size is controlled by a high school aptitude test. Students who pass the test get to live their lives and students who fail the test, well, you may never see them again.

YSB: There seem to be a lot of underlying messages here. What do you think those are?

LP: There’s a lot to it. The film addresses the whole issue of standardized testing and the whole schooling system. Not every kid is built equally so the whole idea of whether standardized testing is right or wrong. Also the government has so much control and how much that we know of is actually in our hands and isn’t is addressed in the film as well.

YSB: Is the whole movie as intense as the trailer makes it seem? 

LP: To be honest, the trailer is a pretty accurate vibe of the film. We had a cast screening last night and people in the middle of the movie were like, “Yo…that’s messed up,” because the movie goes to a dark place, which I think is why it’s so good. No YouTube Red movie has done this and The Thinning is going to take the cake. 

YSB: How is this different from what your fans have seen you do before? 

LP: Normally I do comedy and thats what I’ve literally always done. No has ever, ever seen a serious side of me and not only is this movie series, it’s legitimate acting. It’s no longer an Internet goofy kid. I’ve developed and adopted this character of Blake Redding and became him and I want people to walk out and be like, “that was not even Logan Paul, I don’t know who that was.”

YSB: What was the most challenging thing about this movie?

LP: The hardest part was being serious because I’m such a goofy guy that having to show up on set and do emotional and intense scenes wasn’t always the most fun thing to do…but it was fun exploring that side of me so I really had to take life seriously for once. And specifically, I lost a lot of weight and trained really hard for this role and that was a difficult physical task for me.

YSB: What was it like working with Peyton?

LP: Oh my gosh, Peyton is great. it was the first time we work together and she is such a sweet, kind girl. Me and Peyton clicked like crazy.

YSB: How long did the whole thing take to shoot? 

LP: We knocked the whole thing out in 18 days and shot it in Los Angeles. It’s the quickest thing ever and you’ll never know.

YSB: What’s next for you? Can we expect some more dramatic Logan Paul in the future?

LP: As an actor, I think it’s important to adopt different aspects of emotion and i will continue acting. I wrote a movie called Airplane Mode and that will be out hopefully next year. I starred in and produced that one and I guess thats what’s next on the agenda as far as big Logan Paul projects go.


Watch The Thinning and get more info here.

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