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EXCLUSIVE: Madison Pettis Spills Style Secrets!


EXCLUSIVE: Madison Pettis Spills Style Secrets!

YSBnow caught up with the fashionista and, trust us, her wardrobe tips are AMAZING!

We gotta admit it, here at YSBnow, we kinda have a style crush on Madison Pettis.

Her fashion is always changing, but what we love most about her unique sense of fashion is that she always stays true to herself!

That’s why, we were super stoked to get the chance to talk all things fashion with the super stylish star. Check out our full Q&A below!

YSBnow: Hi Madison! What are some easy ways our readers can “revamp” their wardrobes with items they probably already own?

Madison: If you’re sick of some your boring or plain old pairs of jeans in your closet, you can experiment with putting your own rips in them! You can do just a few little slits in the knees, or be more adventurous and do lots of rips all over the jeans. There are a bunch of video tutorials for that online. Such a cool way to get a brand new look for FREE! 

YSBnow: Oh, definitely! What are some trends you’re looking forward to trying in 2016? And are there any you tried in 2015 that you’re hoping to say goodbye to this year?

Madison: Recently I’ve seen a lot of cool patches & buttons on denim, and I definitely want to incorporate some of that in my wardrobe! I got a denim jacket for Christmas with a couple of patches on it, but I wanna add some more stuff to it! It’s a really cool way to customize and make a piece your own one-of-a-kind!

As far as 2015 trends go, I wore a lot of boyfriend jeans this past year, and now I’m thinking that instead of those, I’m going to try dressing up sweatpants and finding cool/chic sweats this year. I’m all about comfy-chic!

YSBnow: You definitely can’t go wrong with comfy, haha! What are some quick & easy ways to accessorize an outfit?

Madison: A flannel around the waist is always a go-to for me! I tend to wear a lot of all black, so throwing on a colored flannel just gives a little pop of color that’s so easy. I’m also really into chokers and short necklaces at the moment. They’re a nice little detail that’s a bit edgy. Plus they add a nice touch when you’re taking a selfie, lol!

YSBnow: We’ll have to try that trick! Speaking of tricks, do you have any Ideas on how our readers can make the most of their old clothes?

Madison: There’s a lot you can do with your old clothes! If there’s something that I haven’t worn a lot and it’s still in good condition, I’ll see if a resale store will take it. I love shopping at resale stores too! There’s one called Wasteland in Los Angeles that I love, and there’s so many hidden gems in there if you take the time to search a little bit! Goodwill is a great place to donate clothes you’ve outgrown.  I have a bag right now that I need to drop off actually. It’s definitely fun to trade clothes with friends, too! My friends and I do that a lot. If you’re like me and my friends, we all have pretty similar style, so it’s nice to swap and try something new!

YSBnow: Super love that idea! Trading with friends is a great way to make the most of your clothing for sure. Lastly, what’s one item that has been in your closet for YEARS? Why have you held onto it for so long? Do you think you’ll ever get rid of it? 

Madison: Definitely my combat boots! I’ve had them since middle school (and I’m about to graduate high school lol) so that’s quite a while! They look like they have been through actual combat at this point, haha! But I like that rugged vibe and I think it makes them look even better. Plus, they’re super comfy because they’re so broken in. And I’m still the same shoe size so luckily they still fit lol!


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