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EXCLUSIVE: Paris Berelc Gets Real About Social Media


EXCLUSIVE: Paris Berelc Gets Real About Social Media

“It goes back to believing in yourself and not believing in the number.”

Paris Berelc came by the YSBnow House to tell us about her new Netflix show (details on that coming soon) and to talk to us about real things like struggling with social media pressure and getting out of a digital headspace.

Paris is wise beyond her years and has managed to stay humble even after all of her success in Hollywood. She told us about a time when she walked into an audition room and was immediately asked how many followers she had on Instagram. While this might seem like a great opportunity to land the role for someone like Paris, who does have the followers to back herself up, she knew that a number on an account isn’t what makes her a good actor. 

Watch our exclusive and inspiring interview with Paris below. 

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