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EXCLUSIVE PICS + VIDS: On the Scene at K-Expo 2018


EXCLUSIVE PICS + VIDS: On the Scene at K-Expo 2018

K-Pop faves ASTRO, The Rose, A.C.E., and Infinite’s L all came to NYC this weekend.

Over this weekend, four of our favorite K-Pop acts came together in Queens, New York to celebrate the first-ever K-Expo by All That Groups Korea. Performers like A.C.E., The Rose, and ASTRO all participated in fun hi-touches and photo opps with their most dedicated fans, and performed absolutely incredible sets showcasing their wide range of talents.

At this event, Kim Myung Soo (Infinite’s L) participated in his first solo fan meet in the United States, taking the stage to sing, play fun games with the crowds, and shared a little bit about his love for photography.

We’re not going to lie, a lot of the K-Expo event itself was filled with uncertain moments and total craziness. But we (and most of the devoted fandoms in attendance) were set on making it all work out no matter what, since it was so exciting to have these South Korean superstars in New York City.

And all of the individual acts went above and beyond to make sure that this experience was extra special for fans.

During their red carpet appearances, the guys of ASTRO, A.C.E. and The Rose all had to call out New York pizza as being one of their favorite parts of being in the city. We have to agree that no trip to the area is complete without a cheesy slice, and we’re stoked that the guys had a chance to sample some of our favorites.

But this event was actually all about Americans celebrating Korean culture — through incredible music, jaw-dropping dance, and more universally loved art forms. On the stage, each act showed what makes them special — from acoustic sets to killer choreography — while also proving why K-Pop is easily taking off as such a huge phenomenon internationally.

One of our favorite moments was The Rose’s performance of their hit song “Sorry,” so you have to catch a peek at the performance video below:

We loved being able to see 4 totally distinct acts come together on one stage — and in the US! We hope the groups will all return to the States soon, and we’ll be there to support them.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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