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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Izellah Debuts Her EP “Be Yourself”


EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Izellah Debuts Her EP “Be Yourself”

Listen to it here first!

We’re so excited for you guys to hear the new music from Izellah! The 11-year-old singer already has a long list of accomplishments, including a run as Matilda in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s multi-award winning production of Matilda. Now she’s releasing her three song EP and she’s premiering it exclusively with YSBnow!

We’re excited about her EP because it’s full of bops, but we also love it because of the message she’s sending with this new music. “Be Yourself” includes three songs, all with important messages of self love, friendship, and positivity. “‘Be Yourself’ is an anthem for self acceptance and inviting everyone to make the world a better place,” she says.

“‘My Best Friend’ is dedicated to one of my dear friends who manages to have a positive attitude no matter how many difficult challenges arise in her life,” Izellah explains. Plus, it’s super catchy and perfect for a dance party with your BFF!

Check out her music video for “Unbeatable” and you’ll be instantly hooked:

Listen to the full EP here:

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