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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Jeremy Shayne’s “Care”


EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Jeremy Shayne’s “Care”

Kick off your weekend with his bop of a debut single

It’s not often that we discover a new artist who completely blows our mind, but 20-year-old Jeremy Shayne did just that with his debut single, “Care.” Jeremy, whose family emigrated to the United States from Lebanon when he was just three years old, doesn’t just sing the song. He also wrote, recorded, and produced it! “I originally wrote ‘Care’ about a girl that I was crushing on, but realized the song was actually more relevant to myself than the girl,” he tells YSBnow exclusively. “Writing this song got me through a tough time and taught me to never seek outside validation from anyone else. It’s a song about self-love, identity and being confident within your own skin.”

We love that! So what made Jeremy fall in love with music? “Growing up, I was constantly moving and it was really tough to keep friends, so I’ve always felt like the outsider or the loner,” he explains. “I was constantly being picked on for pursuing music and being a singer, but I never let it stop me from doing what makes me happy.”

And now, Jeremy’s song is making US happy! Watch the video below!


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