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Bryce Xavier Spills on His New Single


Bryce Xavier Spills on His New Single

Between his new partnership with Forever 21 and landing a role in the highly-anticipated To the Beat sequel, Bryce Xavier his having the best (and busiest) summer ever. But he’s still finding the time to focus on his biggest passion: music.

Earlier today, Bryce released his latest single, “Fall in Love Again,” which he also wrote himself. We caught up Bryce for a few minutes – check out our Q&A:

Q: Congrats on “Fall in Love Again.” What inspired it?

A: Thank you! The inspiration was the idea of finding that once in a lifetime love, and losing it, and then wishing you could go back and just fix all the bad. The inspiration was just a love I feel like I’ll never know.

Q: How’d you get into songwriting?

A: I got into songwriting because of doing poetry my whole life. It’s just always been my gateway and escape.

Q: What’s the plan for upcoming music releases? Any collabs or concert dates?

A: I HAVE A HUGEEE collab coming in the Fall with someone I look up to so much and I’m so excited. And I may be doing a concert that’s life-changing soon as well!!!

Q: You’re currently filming the To the Beat sequel. What can you tell us about it?

A: I’m excited about being a part of it! I’m going to be acting, singing, and dancing, which is amazing to me because I finally get to to the three things I love together in one project.

Q: Lastly, do you have an inspiring quote you love?

A: “It’s easy to sit and cry in our downfall, but it’s harder to rise up and succeed. Always choose hard.”

Listen to “Fall in Love Again” now!


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