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EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Dillon Talks Drop The Mic Tour and New Game


EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Dillon Talks Drop The Mic Tour and New Game

Do you already have Ricky Dillon’s Twisted Truth or Dare?!

Ricky Dillon might currently be performing all over the country on the Drop The Mic tour, but you can get your Ricky fix in your own home with his new game! Ricky Dillon’s Twisted Truth Or Dare is super fun and perfect for playing with your friends during your holiday break.

When we caught up with him backstage on tour, we asked him what to get for friends and family during the holidays, which video he would want people to see of his first, and more!

Check it out:


YSBnow: What is a good gift to get for a friend this holiday season?

RD: My new card game Ricky Dillon’s Twisted Truth or Dare game, get it now at I’m so sorry for that promo but I had to do that! It just came out!



YSBnow: What’s the best way to spend winter break?

RD: By watching Ricky Dillon videos on YouTube! Sorry, it’s too easy.


YSBnow: If someone were to start watching Ricky Dillon videos, which one would you want them to watch first?

That’s hard! I’m really proud of my short films, I made one this past October called the YouTuber Killer, so I think that.


YSBnow: What are you most excited about on the Drop The Mic tour?

A lot of crazy performances! I’m doing a drag performance, I’m gonna be a drag queen so that’s gonna be fun – well I’m going to try! I’m gonna probably be pretty bad. 



You can get Ricky’s game by clicking HERE. 

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