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EXCLUSIVE: The Inspiring Story of How Sofia Carson Met Her #1 Fan


EXCLUSIVE: The Inspiring Story of How Sofia Carson Met Her #1 Fan

“I want to inspire people as much as Sofia has inspired me,” says Geri

For over three years, Sofia Carson superfan Geri has supported her idol across her social media accounts. 

And just last week, her life was changed forever when she and Sofia met for the very first time. In her own words, Geri shares her incredible story.

I first noticed Sofia when she guest starred on “Austin & Ally” in 2014. I said to my mum, “This girl is going to go far!” Because I’m a huge fan of Disney, I keep up to date with their new shows and movies, so I learned that Sofia was going to star in “Descendants” before it was fully announced.

Sofia first noticed me on Twitter when I asked someone to tell Sofia about my Aspergers, depression and how she has helped me with it, and to get a video shout-out from her.

When I found out that the “Descendants 2” cast was going be in London, my sister, Kayleigh, and I started planning a trip to try and see them.

We took the train as we live quite far from London, in a place called Wakefield, West Yorkshire. After arriving in London, we waited outside what we thought was their hotel for hours before we got hungry. We went to get pizza across the street and then returned to where we’d been standing. I saw people coming outside and they were looking at me. I asked my sister, “Why is everyone looking at me?”

Then, these two women came to us with their children and asked us if we were there to see the “Descendants 2” cast (I was wearing my personalised “Descendants” t-shirt.) We said yes and they told us to follow them. When we walked inside, the hotel staff just looked at us and nodded and smiled. We went inside the hotel restaurant and sat down as the waiters moved a table for us. They kept smiling, too.

Suddenly, I saw Laura (Sofia’s mum) coming past and she went outside. I said to my sister, “I think that’s Sofia’s mum, Laura!” Then she came back past and looked straight at me and I knew for sure that it was Sofia’s mum.

Then we saw someone who looked like Sofia from behind. I knew it was her because I always recognise her and her fashion. I ran out to the lobby where she was and she turned around and shouted, “Geri!” And I shouted her name.

We hugged and I gave her some presents from my bag, including letters for her sister Paulina, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, her mum and dad, and Dove Cameron, and her face lit up. She signed my Evie book and saw my T-shirt I had made for the cast and she took a picture of me on her phone. We phoned her sister, Paulina, and Sofia told me her mum would be down in a second. Laura came down and I turned around and I shouted “Laura” and ran to to hug her. She hugged me so tight.

She and Sofia kept thanking my sister for bringing me as they know we live quite far from London. Sofia bought me gifts, too!! I was so shocked.

We then took pictures and videos. I said a little pun to Sofia about where we live. I said, “Remember in “A Cinderella Story,” you say Yorkshire puddingshire? Well we actually live in a place called Wakefield in Yorkshire!” She then said to her mum, “Mum! They live in Yorkshire Puddingshire!”

We laughed about that. Then, Sofia took us to a quiet room to speak about personal things and we spoke to each other like we were best friends who have known each other forever. I told her everything about college, how I felt bullied, and I shared that I’m 300 days clean of self harm because of Sofia. Laura and my sister were crying and Sofia said, “No, that’s you. You’re strong.”  

I told them about something I have a passion for: Speaking out about autism, depression and bullying. I want to inspire people as much as Sofia has inspired me. Sofia said I’m smart and passionate, and I told them about how I want to follow in Sofia’s footsteps by being a singer, dancer and actress.

Sofia said to always follow my dreams and that my heart is bigger than my body. Sofia told me that I mean more to her than she does to me! It turns out that the hotel staff kept looking at me because Sofia and Laura told them to look out for me. Laura and Sofia both said that I’m beautiful inside and out. We spoke with her and her mum for one hour. They kept thanking my sister for bringing me to London just to meet them. It was worth it!

Then, Sofia asked me if I wanted to meet Booboo Stewart (Jay) and Thomas Doherty (Harry Hook). They came over and I hugged them both. Sofia said to BooBoo, “This is Geri!” She must have told the cast about me. BooBoo told me he sees my tweets all the time!

I told Thomas that I was actually born in Edinburgh. He high-fived me and said, “The best people were born in Edinburgh!”

Sofia said, “I didn’t know that,” and told me that she’s always here for me. She said that I’m famous in their house, which meant so much to me and has stuck with me. We went outside, and Sofia ran back over to me to hug me, and told us to get home safe. 

Sofia has taught me the following things: Never be afraid to be yourself, always focus on your work and don’t care about what anyone else thinks about you. Stay in school and just never stop being you. Sometimes things are hard, but you can get through anything that life throws at you because you were put on this earth for a purpose. Always follow your dreams, because they will come true. And always remember, you’re amazing, and you’re beautiful!

Thank you, Sofia, for the best day of my life!

Love, Geri

Below, watch Sofia’s exclusive YSBnow cover story, where she shares her journey in her own words:

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