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EXCLUSIVE: Valentine’s Day Dating Dish From Guest Columnist Garren Lake!


EXCLUSIVE: Valentine’s Day Dating Dish From Guest Columnist Garren Lake!

The “Andi Mack” actor answers your questions

You know him as “Marty From the Party” on Disney Channel’s Andi Mack and Oscar on General Hospital. But today, he’s showcasting his skills as an advice columnist! That’s right: Garren Lake is our very special Valentine’s Day correspondent. You DMed us your questions, and he answered them! 

Check it out:

1) @_moonlight_0106_: What’s a good gift to get your boyfriend on valentine’s day?

Garren says…

Get him what he likes, you know him best! For me, I’m not a material person, and I don’t care if you get me something. I just want attention and love. (Ed note: Aww!)

2) @briahj520: How do you talk to your crush?

Garren says… 

Just be honest with them and tell them how you feel. Don’t be afraid of rejection either. 

3) @airaleandra: How do I deal with a crush on a guy who doesn’t like me back?

Garren says… 

Move on, he’s not meant for you… you will find someone else that you’re gonna love more and who is gonna give you the love you need. 

4) @hananhusssein: How do you get your crush to notice you?

Garren says… 

Say something to them that they’ve never heard before.

5) @baileydiamond9233: Would you ever date someone who isn’t famous?

Garren says… 

yeah of course, I actually prefer that. 

6) @netflix_emmy_2022: How do you know if you’re ready to date? Is there any particular way to go about it?

Garren says… 

There’s definitely not an exact way to approach it. If there’s someone that you like that likes you back, start hanging out and talking to them more, then you can decide and get a better idea of dating. 

7) @elaine_deguzman_: I like this guy but I want to be his friend first, How do I do that without being awkward?

Garren says… 

Just start talking to him. Talk about similar interests and just get to know him. Nothing’s weird unless you make it. 

Aww! How sweet is Garren? Be sure to follow him on Instagram and watch him every Friday on Andi Mack!

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