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EXCLUSIVE VID: #BFFriday with Ricky Garcia & Landry Bender!


EXCLUSIVE VID: #BFFriday with Ricky Garcia & Landry Bender!

Literal “Best Friends Whenever”

Their Disney Channel series Best Friends Whenever may be over, but this friendship is just getting started!

When Landry came by the YSBnow house, we had to ask about her amazing bond with Ricky Garcia.

Did you know that the pair met prior to being cast on the series? Ricky says they first met at an acting class almost six years ago. Then, in 2013, Landry and Ricky’s band, Forever In Your Mind, attended the same Hollywood red carpet event. “I literally thought he was this kid that was like ‘I’m a popstar,'” she laughs. “That was my first impression of him!” 

(Note: this picture was not taken that day, but in 2015)

But Landry and Ricky’s friendship really began to blossom once they started working on their Disney Channel series.

“Everyone on set was like, ‘he’s the greatest,'” she says. “No one has a bad thing to say about him.”

And when the series ended, their bond grew even stronger. “He’s a forever friend,” she smiles.

Landry shared some awesome advice for YSBnow girls. “Be 100% yourself. An authentic friendship is the most important thing. My favorite thing about my friends is that I can just be me – and that’s really cool.”

Watch the exclusive interview below!

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