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EXCLUSIVE VID: On Set Of “Blood Queens” With Gabi DeMartino


EXCLUSIVE VID: On Set Of “Blood Queens” With Gabi DeMartino

We flew to Bethlehem, PA to hang with the cast!

Does Gabi DeMartino EVER stop working?! We haven’t been able to figure out when the actress, singer, writer, vlogger, entrepreneur ever has time to slow down since we flew to her hometown to watch her finish up the third season of her show Blood Queens earlier this summer.

Gabi reached out to YSBnow’s Natasha to have her take a first hand look at how the show is made and we’ve got the scoop on the third season, how she writes and produces her own series, and whether or not we can look forward to more Blood Queens in the future!

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Gabi answers your fan questions in our next video and we interviewed the whole cast about the show!

Catch episodes of Blood Queens every Tuesday in October on Gabi’s channel. Check out the trailer here:

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