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EXCLUSIVE VID: Skai Jackson – So Much More Than a Meme


EXCLUSIVE VID: Skai Jackson – So Much More Than a Meme

The 14-year-old star shares her incredible journey to stardom.

As a little girl growing up in New York City, Skai Jackson worked as a print model, appeared in national commercials, and dreamed of one day starring on Disney Channel. It happened before she even hit double digits. After slaying her Jessie auditions in New York, Skai flew out to Los Angeles for a screen test. “My character was supposed to be five years old, but I was nine at the time,” she explains. “I was so nervous since they wanted someone younger, but the next day, I found out I got the show.”

Now, five years later, Skai’s starring on Jessie’s spinoff, Bunk’d, and will start filming Season 2 later this month. She may have started out as a print model, but now fans tell Skai that she’s a role model. “It’s surreal,” says Skai. “It really touches my heart.”

Watch as Skai shares her inspiring story in the exclusive video below.

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