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EXCLUSIVE VID: #WednesdayWisdom From Kira Kosarin


EXCLUSIVE VID: #WednesdayWisdom From Kira Kosarin

“People will say very mean things to get attention sometimes”

While most teens tend to present carefully-curated images of themselves on social media, Kira always keeps it refreshingly real. And we love her for that. Remember that time she opened up about her fitness journey?

Fun fact about me, I get discouraged crazy easily. I think it’s because I was advanced in school when I was a kid. I always worked really hard, and did really well, and I became accustomed to the idea that if I worked hard at something, it would come to me quickly and easily. Unfortunately, life isn’t quite that simple as an adult. In the real world, sometimes no matter how hard you work, things worth having take time, endurance, and stamina.

I’ll fully admit: patience is not my strong suit. When I don’t understand or succeed at something immediately, I tend to get frustrated and embarrassed and want to quit. It’s one one of the qualities I most want to improve about myself. When I workout and eat healthfully, the same thing tends to happen. I work really hard for a few days, and if I don’t see immediate results, it’s super easy for me to turn to a “why bother” attitude and dive into a giant bag of M&Ms.

Kira wisely states that being healthy and taking pride in your health should be celebrated, not criticized:

I am proud of my core. I am working on my upper body. I have terrible cardio, but every time I get on this treadmill is a victory. I’m proud of my abs, I’m learning to love my thighs, I hate my arms but I’m working on it. I love vegetables, but I also love chocolate. I’m getting there, one progress pic at a time. Thanks for bearing with me in the process.

No, Kira, thank YOU for consistently sharing so much of yourself, like that time you opened up about social media pressure:

And told us about your decision to attend college:

This column may be called #WednesdayWisdom, but let’s be real – Kira inspires us every day of the week!

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