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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Raini Rodriguez Shares Her Hollywood Journey


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Raini Rodriguez Shares Her Hollywood Journey

“It wasn’t being on TV that was the appeal; it was making people feel things”

We had the best time hanging out with Raini Rodriguez! During our in-depth interview, we learned so many new things about the Texas native. Like…

1) She’s terrified of flying!

2) She was truly inspired by watching Raven Symone on That’s So Raven.

3) When Raini and her mom and brother first moved to Hollywood, they lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

4) She’d auditioned for tons of Disney Channel shows before booking the role of Trish on Austin & Ally.

5) Raini was inspired to become an actress after spending lots of time in the hospital as a little girl due to her asthma. She wanted to be a pediatrician who entertained young patients with songs and plays!

6) She just started a production company with her little brother, Rico.

Watch the interview below, and prepare to be seriously inspired:

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