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EXCLUSIVE VIDS: The “Shazam” Cast Spills On-Set Scoop


EXCLUSIVE VIDS: The “Shazam” Cast Spills On-Set Scoop

Grace Fulton (Mary) and Ian Chen (Eugene) shared some amazing stories!

Shazam! totally rocked the box office this weekend and is the number one movie in the entire WORLD! To be honest, we’re not surprised. With an incredible cast led by Jack Dylan Grazer and Asher Angel, and supporting roles from an awesome ensemble, we knew this one would be a smash! 

Whether you’ve seen the movie yet or not, you’ll enjoy these interviews. First, Grace Fulton (who plays Mary Bromfield) told us about meeting Asher Angel for the first time right before their chemistry read! 

And next, Ian Chen (who plays Eugene) told us about the singing, dancing, and pranks that happened when the cameras weren’t rolling!

Congrats to the entire cast and crew!

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