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EXCLUSIVE #YSBnowGirlsOfSummer COVER STORY: Brenna D’Amico


EXCLUSIVE #YSBnowGirlsOfSummer COVER STORY: Brenna D’Amico

“Being beautiful is believing in yourself and trusting yourself”

As a little girl growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Brenna D’Amico reveals that she was extremely shy. “If somebody even just looked at me, I would hide behind my parents,” she says.

That all changed after she attended a musical theatre workshop at the age of eight. “From then on, that’s what I wanted to do,” says Brenna. “I fell in love with it. I didn’t care about what anybody said or anybody thought.”

That includes the bullies who tormented her. “I was eleven or twelve and they were relentless,” she says. “But I’ve always been good at not letting negative people get to me because I know who I am. You have to understand that it’s never about you. If you love yourself, and if you have people who love and support you, that’s all that should matter.”

With years of theatre experience under her belt, Brenna told her mom that she was ready to make the move from regional theatre to national television and film roles. Five months later, Brenna booked her first project ever: Descendants.

The DCOM shattered ratings records and is currently the fifth most-watched original movie in cable television history. Brenna even got her own doll! She’ll reprise her role of Jane in Descendants 2, which premieres on July 21. “It was so surreal for me,” she says. “It still is. And if I had listened to those girls who bullied me, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.”

Whether you want to be an actress or an astronaut, Brenna says that confidence is key. “If you believe in yourself, that’s everything,” she says. 

“If you love yourself, you’re going to go so far.”

And your worth simply cannot be defined by the tag on your t-shirt – or the number of times you’ve been tagged on Instagram. “The amount of followers you have doesn’t determine how kind you are and it doesn’t determine your personality or how beautiful you are,” says Brenna. “Your clothing size doesn’t determine that either.”

But kindness does. “Kindness is everything,” she says. “Be kind. Treat people how you want to be treated.”

“You don’t have to be famous and have a lot of followers to make a difference in somebody’s life. You don’t need to be a size zero or a size 16 to be beautiful. You can be anything you want. And believing in yourself and trusting yourself is what makes you beautiful.”

PHOTOS by Joe Magnani

MAKEUP by Rachel Burney using Baby Lips products from Maybelline New York (Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon in Toasted Taupe and Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon in Creamy Coral)

HAIR by Matilde Campos & Sabrina Porsche

STYLING by Robiat Balogun – assisted by Sinai Robles (Bench: Top by Missguided, Jeans by TopShop, Earrings by Melody Ehsani, Keychain by Charlotte Simone, & Shoes by Alejandra G. Future is Female: Shirt by OtherWild, Skirt by Don’t Cry, Earrings by Melody Ehsani & Shoes by Converse)

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