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Fans React To Carson Lueders’ “Feels Good” Music Video


Fans React To Carson Lueders’ “Feels Good” Music Video

See which parts of the vid were fan favorites!

Carson Lueders has the best fans ever! When he dropped his music video last night, we tweeted asking fans to screenshot their favorite parts to send to him, and they did!

The whole video is so awesome, from the dancing to the cool effects, so let’s take a look at what Carson’s fans loved most about the new vid!

The magazine part is definitely a fan fave!

Everyone loves his hoodie too!

This fan noticed how professional the video is! The effects are so cool!

Of course everyone loved the dancing too!

This fan got such a good screenshot!

Finally, this shot of Carson playing basketball in his Steph Curry jersey is epic!

Did you love the video as much as we did? Let us know on Twitter @YSBnow!

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