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Fans React To Jake Miller’s “Good Thing” Music Video


Fans React To Jake Miller’s “Good Thing” Music Video

It’s finally here!

Jake Miller just released the music video for his song “Good Thing” and it’s everything we had hoped it would be. We’re not the only ones loving it though, Jake’s Millertary has been tweeting support for the video all day! 


Here are the best fan reactions to Jake’s “Good Thing” music video.

This fan loves all of Jake’s videos, but this one might be her fave!


We love to see fans proud of Jake and all of his hard work.

Serious question though.

We wouldn’t mind watching it all day either if we’re being honest.

The black and white theme is a hit!

There’s a little envy over this lucky lady though.

It’s not possible to be more proud. Good luck topping this one, Jake! We know you can do it though.

This is a really good idea.

Someone get this man an award!

Ok this one is too funny not to share. This is definitely a huge compliment.

Your fans are so proud, Jake!

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