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Five Things To Do At Midnight on NYE (That Don’t Involve Kissing)


Five Things To Do At Midnight on NYE (That Don’t Involve Kissing)

These are actually way better than a NYE kiss.

We know you’re still mourning that Christmas cheer now that it’s over, but perk up! The holidays aren’t over just yet. New Year’s Eve can be the best night of the year, if you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We’ve seen it happen a million times! You assume that everything will be perfect, rely on some guy to make it special, and end up bummed out. So we made a list of five alternatives to kissing someone when the clock strikes midnight, and ours will still be there in February unlike most boys.

1. Take a selfie!
Honestly there is no better memory like the start of the year, so snap a picture of your beautiful smile to look back on next New Years and see how much you’ve grown! You’ll really be glad you did. 

2. Go crazy with your BFFs.
Chances are that your BFFs will be your BFFs all year unlike crushes or flings, so instead of a guy, grab your girlfriends, turn up the music, and dance until your parents said you have to be home (unless you’re having a sleepover which we totally recommend).

3. Play DJ and put on your favorite song!
Do you remember the first song you heard in 2016? If not, definitely pay attention to it this year! It’s a really cool fun fact and if you write them down in a journal, it’s something that you can share for your whole life. Imagine if your parents had written down every song they had heard at the start of the year, that would be a really cool keepsake. Start your own!

4. Set a goal with your BFF.
Resolutions are awesome, but there’s something special about the clock striking midnight on a new year and it could be really cool to remember exactly how you felt in that moment. Think about what you want right then and right there, it might be a goal that you hadn’t thought of before! Share it with your BFF at midnight and use it as a way to stay BFFs throughout the year. 

5. Have the best Snapchat story of the night.
Who knows what crazy filters Snapchat will come up with for midnight on New Years?! Be the first of your friends to unlock it and add it to your story! Don’t forget to save it though so you can remember it for yourself next year!

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