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#FlashbackFriday: These JoBros 3D Movie Premiere Pics Are Literally THE BEST


#FlashbackFriday: These JoBros 3D Movie Premiere Pics Are Literally THE BEST

From the fashion to the friendships, it’s time for some nostalgia

It was February of 2009. Times were much simpler back then. Hannah Montana was still airing new episodes, Zanessa was Hollywood’s hottest couple, and Kanye West and Taylor Swift hadn’t even met yet.

The Jonas Brothers also released their own 3D movie, and stumbling onto these photos from its red carpet premiere is one of the best things that happened to us this week.

First off, we *almost* forgot how perfect their hair was:

But we’ll never, ever forget about how they were BFFs with Demi (and still are)!

Even at 10 years old, Madison Pettis was crushing Hollywood red carpets:

And Bailee Madison was the cutest little munchkin to ever step foot on one. 

Like we said, Hannah Montana was still airing new episodes (brb grabbing a tissue)

And in addition to being #SiblingGoals, Debby Ryan and her brother, Chase, were also #BangsGoals:

Speaking of hair, did Sterling Beaumon rock the Bieber cut before Bieber did? 

It may have been two years before Shake It Up started airing on Disney Channel, but Bella Thorne was already showcasing some serious swagger:

BONUS PIC: Frankie, who you may remember as the #BonusJonas, is all grown up now – and turning 16 years old on September 28!

It’s cool looking at pics of your favorite stars from before they were stars, but it’s even cooler to see how far they’ve come. Cause seven years later, they’re burnin’ up Hollywood! 

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