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Gabby Douglas Gets Her Own Barbie Doll


Gabby Douglas Gets Her Own Barbie Doll

The Gabby Barbie is now available for purchase!

Gabby Douglas has been working hard to give fans and little girls a Barbie version of herself and now the day has finally come that you can purchase your very own Gabby Barbie!

Barbie Gabby wears a pink and black Nike sweater and jogging pants with an awesome American flag printed tee! Gabby is most excited about how hard she worked to make sure the Barbie truly represented her. But Gabby’s Barbie is about way more than wearing cute clothes. “I still want to continue to inspire young girls and to tell them to strive for your goals,” Gabby says. “If you have the passion and if you have something that you love, just really go for it 100%, with all of your heart.” 

Thank you, Gabby! Your words inspire us all to go after our dreams and make our goals happen.

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