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Get Some Serious Healthy Snack Inspiration from Your Favorite Disney Channel Stars


Get Some Serious Healthy Snack Inspiration from Your Favorite Disney Channel Stars

These ideas are YUM.

Okay, tell the truth now: when it comes to after-school snacks, do you get very adventurous with your picks? Could we find you mixing up a bowl of nutritious quinoa, or are you more likely to grab a handful (or two) of potato chips before heading to your room to start your homework? If we’re all being honest here, it’s probably the latter. But luckily, tons of your favorite Disney Channel stars are now sharing their favorite healthy snack ideas to make smart munching an easier part of your day!

Actors like Asher Angel, Jenna Ortega, Ethan Wacker, Madison Hu, Sofia Wylie, Olivia Rodrigo, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, and more have all filmed cute and inspiring food videos as part of Disney’s “Be Your Best Snackdown” project. They even paired up to compete in exciting cooking challenges to show you just how easy and fun trying out new recipes can be.

First up, Asher shared a recipe for creating some Chilean-style quinoa. It may sound challenging and scary, but it’s an easy and delicious recipe!

Then, Asher and Ethan faced off in a quinoa-salad Snackdown. How fun!

A really tasty treat to spice up your veggies or dip platters is hummus, and Jenna shared a video about how easy it is to make your own.

Plus, Joshua Rush and Kayla Maisonet faced off in a hummus-making challenge.

Everyone loves quesadillas, so Peyton shared her recipe for adding more healthy ingredients into the indulgent snack.

Then Peyton challenged Jenna to make her own spin on the classic dish… with some added spice!

Rice balls are a great way to snack while working on your studies, and Olivia shared the way she makes this “cute” dish.

Olivia also challenged Sofia to a fun rice ball decorating contest, which shows how much of your own personality you can add into your cooking!

There probably isn’t a time when you’re *NOT* craving pizza. So luckily, Madison shared an idea on how to make the meal staple in a quicker and more healthy way.

Nicholas Bechtel came up with his own mini pizza idea too, and it involves sneaking some more veggies onto the dish!

We love all of these fun and healthy snack ideas, and feel endlessly inspired to make them our own. Make sure to get your parents’ help in the kitchen if you need it, and motivate your whole family to get involved!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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