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#GirlPower: The Notorious RBG Writes Personal Note to 8-Year-Old Lookalike


#GirlPower: The Notorious RBG Writes Personal Note to 8-Year-Old Lookalike

“Dear Michele, you look just like me!”

When Superhero Day came to Michele Threefoot’s school, the 8-year-old had a different definition of what it meant to be a true hero.

In her eyes, superheroes are kind, loyal, and treat all people with respect.

Which is why she chose to put away the masks and capes and dress up as Supreme Court Justice and women’s right advocate, Ruth Bader Ginsberg (sometimes referred as The Notorious RBG).

“She and her sister aren’t really into Marvel superheroes, so I was just going to put them in Supergirl capes and masks,” said Michele’s mother, Krista. “But while our family was talking about it, she told me she wanted to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So we went with it!”

Krista took a picture of Michelle looking like an adorable mini Ruth and it quickly went viral. Then, as fate would have it, the Supreme Court Justice herself saw it and loved it, too. She loved it so much that she wrote Michelle a handwritten note straight from her office. 

The note from Ginsberg reads: “Dear Michele: You look just like me! May you continue to thrive on reading and learning. Every good wish, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

Upon receiving the note, Krista reported that Michele was “super duper excited” and even brought the note to school the next day to show her class. It inspired her classmates to dress as real life superheroes next year, like Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton.

Just a little overwhelmed by the newfound attention her daughter has gotten, Krista only has to say this: “I would really [like] to thank Justice Ginsburg for being such an inspiration to all of us, and for being so committed to fighting for equality. This wouldn’t have gone where it has if she weren’t such an admirable person. I also want to thank her for taking the time to make a little girl really, really happy.” 

By Emily J.

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