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Greyson Chance: Then and Now


Greyson Chance: Then and Now

Remember that adorable face? Greyson Chance stole the spotlight back in 2010 with a YouTube video of himself singing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” that landed him a spot on The Ellen Show.

After millions of views and millions of new fans, Greyson went on to release more music, tour with Miranda Cosgrove, and appear on shows like Disney Channel’s “So Random” that year.

After taking some time away from the spotlight to focus on finding himself and leaving time to grow as an artist, Greyson is back and his new music is confident, cool, and very Greyson. 

Let’s take a look back on Greyson’s transformation. 

At such a young age, Greyson was a talent on the piano. His live performances always included piano and for such a young kid, that was a major accomplishment! 

Greyson’s first official music video was for a song called “Waiting Outside The Lines” and it’s about how you should seize the moment and enjoy your life.

Another one of his first (and our fave) official music videos was for the song “Unfriend You” – keep an eye open! This vid stars none other than superstar Ariana Grande!

The first release of his latest tracks, “Hit & Run” is a way more mature, much cooler, “soundtrack to your Saturday night” kind of song and it’s been on all of our playlists since its release.

The music video for his song “Back On The Wall” shows Greyson in black and white in a house pondering what went wrong (or right) in his relationship. It reminds us of The Arctic Monkeys and Troye Sivan.

In the last year, Greyson caught up with his old friend Ellen Degeneres. It’s so sweet how they keep in touch!

We can’t wait to see what Greyson does next!

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