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Happy 17th Birthday to Jessi Case!


Happy 17th Birthday to Jessi Case!

See 17 reasons why we love the Georgia native & “Mother’s Day” star

Jessi Case is pretty much all of our goals wrapped into one incredible human being. Here’s 17 reasons why:


1. She’s always hitting us with inspirational quotes:

2. She’s hilarious:

3. She can rap:

4. She loves her mom:

5. And her siblings:

6. And puppies:

7. She can go super glam:

8. Or totally casual:

9. She loves to give back:

10. She’s too relatable:

11. Her throwback pics are iconic:

12. She’s a proud feminist:

13. She loves nature:

14. She supports LGBT rights:

15. She’s puppy filter goals:

16. She always reminds us to follow our dreams:

17. And as you’ll see below, she gives the most incredible advice EVER. We love you, Jessi! Happy birthday!

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