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Happy 23rd Birthday to R5’s Rocky Lynch!


Happy 23rd Birthday to R5’s Rocky Lynch!

Step inside for a Rocky appreciation post

Over the past few years, Rocky Lynch has emerged as a prolific songwriter, producer, and guitarist, and we’re so grateful for all of the incredible music and memories he’s created for us. And since today’s his birthday, we’re rounding up just a few of the reasons we love him.

1. Who else do you know that can rock a leopard blanket like this?

2. Or can do this with their eyebrows:

3. His laugh is iconic:

4. And so is his vertical:

5. He loves his mom:

6. And has the best rock star moments:

7. He gives the best advice (Ryland says so)

8. And has the cutest smile:

9. He’s low-key hilarious:

10. And looks like a snack in a beanie:

11. We love when he messes with Ross:

12. And shreds, shreds, shreds:

13. He’s not a follower (literally, he follows no one on social media)

14. But we’ll always be following Rocky’s career & music.

Happy birthday, Rocky! Hope your day rocks as much as you do!

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