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Harvey Guillen’s Random Act Of Kindness Will Give You Hope For Humanity


Harvey Guillen’s Random Act Of Kindness Will Give You Hope For Humanity

“Today for you, tomorrow for me.”

On Sunday, actor Harvey Guillen took to his personal Facebook to share a heartwarming experience he had with a young father and son on his commute home on the weekend. His compassion and generosity inspires us to help people in our own lives, and we hope you choose to “pass it along” too!

Read the account of his random act of kindness below.

Yesterday I joined the protest in Downtown LA and was reminded of how awesome LA is. We are a melting pot of culture. Afterwards I took the metro from union station to home. While I was sitting, a young dad and his son came in and sat across from me. The little boy was 8, drinking a tall ice tea can and was carrying a Broncos backpack. His dad, who couldn’t have been older than 24, also had a full backpack – (like hiking for days kind of backpack.) They sat and the little boy (Isaiah) shared his drink with his dad. He then said, “Don’t worry, dad, I won’t lose the keys to my bike.”

His dad whispered, but I could still hear, “Isaiah, we got to figure out where we are going to sleep tonight, what we’re going to eat. Those are more important than the bike mijo. Think!” It took everything I had to not start crying right there and then I looked at Isaiah’s face and the look of worry and fear is something you should never see in a child. I had to distract him. I called across, “You like the Broncos?” and his face quickly turned into excitement and joy. “I liked the Broncos when I was little!”

We kept talking about different teams. Then I saw him finish his drink. It had the 99-cent logo right in front. I asked “Did u guys already eat lunch?” And they said no. “Well I know this awesome place u guys should check it out.” I told them where to go. My stop came up and I said, “I’m doing this new thing where I buy cool people I meet lunch. Today lunch is on me.” I got all the cash in my pocket and gave it to the dad. They spoke Spanish.

As I left, I said “Hoy Por ti, Mañana Por mi.” Which translates to, “Today for you, tomorrow for me.” The dad smiled and gladly took the money. Sometimes you don’t know what the person next to you is going through. It’s not charity. It’s human kindness. Pass it along.

WE LOVE YOU, HARVEY! Thank you for helping make this world a better place.

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