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Here Are Some New Years Resolutions That Aren’t Impossible To Keep


Here Are Some New Years Resolutions That Aren’t Impossible To Keep

It’s all about the baby steps.

It’s that time of the year again and we don’t mean the time for presents and jingles. It’s almost time to set a goal for the new year to improve yourself in some way. But most of the time when you ask someone what their resolution is, you’ll hear answers like “lose sixty pounds” or “go running every day” or even “read a book every week” which are all good ideas, but they’re pretty extreme goals to start with. Instead of jumping right away to those, let these ideas inspire you to set attainable goals for 2016.

1. Drink four glasses of water every day. 

 This will be helpful for anyone who’s concerned about their health this year. Drinking water is SO important but it’s easy to forget and a lot of people don’t even admit that they don’t get their daily intake of water. But don’t worry, it’s easy to start. Drink one glass in the morning, one at lunch, one after school, and one before bed. If you miss one, don’t stress! This will help with anyone looking to get a bit healthier in 2016 or keep their energy up. Queen Beyonce tries to drink a gallon a day! “I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day,” she says. WATER GOALS.

2. Go on a walk or run twice a week. 

If you don’t usually run, don’t set a goal to run every single day, just start slow! Do it when your body feels ready for it, but don’t let laziness become an excuse. Twice a week will be easy to fit into your schedule and it’ll make a difference! Once you’ve done this for a few weeks, up your runs or walks to three and four times a week, but remember that the important part is to not completely change your whole life just because it’s January 1st.

3. Get a planner and use it!

A lot of people just say their resolution is to be more organized, but that is way too vague and you’ll end up forgetting about it. Instead, get a planner where you write down all of your assignments, errands, anything that has to get done! Nothing is too insignificant for your planner. Check for some cute and affordable planners!

4. Decide on set times for social media.

If you’re trying to get yourself off of your phone or computer and outside in 2016, we’ve got a tip. Instead of just going online whenever, decide on which hours of the day you’ll allow yourself to browse social networks. Maybe 5-6 PM right before dinner and then an hour afterwards? Tell your friends your social media schedule so they know when to hit you up and vice versa!

5. Start going grocery shopping with your parents. 

Instead of wanting to just eat healthier in general, you have to take control of your meals. That means going to the grocery store with your family and asking them if you can throw in the kind of vegetables you like and you know that you’ll eat! “I love grilled asparagus,” Katy Perry spills. Yum!! Gossip Girl Blake Lively says, “Quinoa is my go-to instead of rice or pasta and it tastes great.” Great tip!

6. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Rather than saying that you’ll constantly keep your room clean, set one goal. If you make your bed and the rest of your room is messy, it’s pretty likely that you’ll want to make the rest of your room match your super nice looking bed. Plus this will help you stay organized too! Studies show that clean rooms help students stay focused and keep everything in order.

7. Read instead of watching TV- when you can!

Instead of saying you’re going to read every single day or three books a month, just try to focus on remembering that you want to get into reading so that when you start to pick up the remote, you think twice. Start with a book you know that you’ll really like. You can browse our list for suggestions, and try to get a friend to read it with you for you’ll want to keep going! Reading is seriously fun.

Good luck in 2016 beauties!


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