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Here’s Why Fans Think Ross Lynch Is Playing Harvey In Netflix’s “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” Series


Here’s Why Fans Think Ross Lynch Is Playing Harvey In Netflix’s “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” Series

Some super fans did some amazing research!

2018 has already been a huge year for Ross Lynch. His film “My Friend Dahmer” just hit theatres in the UK, he recently announced a brand new band with his brother Rocky Lynch (more info on that here!), and now fans think he’s landed an exciting new acting role, and they’re probably right. We gathered up all of the clues and here’s why we think Ross landed the role of Harvey on Netflix’s “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” series.

Ross has been pretty active on social media about going on a ton of auditions lately, which is totally normal for any actor, but we really started to take notice when he dyed his hair brown! Ross has been a blondie his whole life, so dying those perfect blonde locks brown would need a good reason. 

But the biggest piece of evidence is in Ross’ social media. One super fan, SaraRose AKA hope24seven on Instagram, sent us a video about why she thinks Ross landed the new role. Ross changed his social media icons to this photo: 

Well, that animated character is Harvey from the Sabrina series! After the success of Riverdale on The CW, Netflix decided to create a spin-off about Sabrina, and the casting process has led to a ton of rumors about who will star. Fans speculated that Dove Cameron would be playing Sabrina, and fans of the original series had their picks for who they’d like to see, but Kiernan Shipka, best known for her role in Mad Men, was confirmed as the lead of the series. We think she and Ross would look awesome opposite each other!

Production on the show should begin soon, so the timing of Ross being cast is right. After a Twitter search, we found some tweets from fans about how amazing it would be if all of this were true. 

We hope all of this research is right! Would you love to see Ross as Harvey?

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