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High School Athletes Promote Feminism in the Locker Room


High School Athletes Promote Feminism in the Locker Room

Now that’s the RIGHT kind of “locker room banter.”

by Danielle Sinay

In the past few weeks, we’ve heard the Republican Party Presidential Nominee boast about sexually assaulting women. He then went on to defend his words, claiming it was regular “locker room banter,” but actually, it’s not, and these athletes are going out of their way to prove it.

Centennial High School’s basketball, football, soccer and cross country teams all joined forces in the locker room in support of women’s rights, gathering for a group photo in matching “Wild Feminist” shirts.

“Sexual Assault is not locker room banter. #wildfeminist #reptheC,” the caption read.

The shirt is from clothing company Wildfang, whose CEO and founder Emma McIlroy helped make the picture happen by contacting the high school’s sports coach.

“Young men are a big part of the feminist movement,” she said. “Young men are going to change the conversation.” 

Other athletes have come out in support of the cause, like Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson. 

The caption read  “’Sexual assault is not locker room banter.’ #wildfeminist.”

We’re so glad that so many athletes, who actually spend lots of time in locker rooms, are not only speaking out against sexual assault, but against the ridiculous notion that locker-room conversations promote sexual assault. And of course, that so many of them are openly identifying as feminists! 

Go team(s)!


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