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Introducing The New Prince Of Pop: Cruz Beckham!


Introducing The New Prince Of Pop: Cruz Beckham!

The youngest Beckham bro signed with Scooter Braun & just dropped his debut single

After dating Chloe Grace Moretz & starring in The Vamps’ “Wake Up” music vid, Brooklyn Beckham caught the eye of Hollywood. But now, his youngest bro, Cruz, is launching a singing career!


Cruz, who turns 12 in February, showcased his amazing singing voice on Instagram this week:

We also found out he’s being repped by Scooter Braun (yep, the same guy who brought us Justin Bieber and manages Ariana Grande, too!)

Cruz just dropped his debut single, a holiday tune called “If Every Day Was Christmas.” Check it out!

What we REALLY love about Cruz’s debut is that he’s donating all proceeds to “Make Some Noise,” a charity that helps disadvantaged children in the UK. Get it now on iTunes!

We can’t wait to hear more from Cruz! Stay tuned for more updates on this cutie’s singing career.

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