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Isabela Moner Shares That She Gets Sad, Too, & Shares Some Amazing Advice


Isabela Moner Shares That She Gets Sad, Too, & Shares Some Amazing Advice

“You are who you surround yourself with.”

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in all the bad things going on in the world, or all the struggles you may personally be facing. Celebrities go through the same thing, too – no matter how shiny and fabulous you think their lives are! Isabela Moner just opened up about her own journey towards finding true happiness – and it starts with reminding herself about the things that are truly important in life.

“Lately, I’ve found it hard to stay happy,” the actress admitted on Instagram. “But then I look around and after pausing I’m like… ok so I got water and food and family and good intentions…. then I’m all good!”
“Basically, if you’re having a hard time, I encourage you to do the same,” she added, sharing some incredibly helpful advice for putting things into perspective. “You’ve made it through finals and this year. You’ve been through heartbreak… but you’re still here! Don’t worry about tomorrow’s cuz u might just wake up dead (sounds morbid but it’s the truth). Love and live for the moment, remember the little things you say could mean everything, and take in the energy you give. You are who you surround yourself with.”
What Isabela is saying is so true: if you have your health, the basic essentials, or your family by your side, you are more blessed than many others who don’t. And everyone has something in their lives that is worth being happy about and sharing with others. It can be part of your own adventure to find yours!
For more inspiring words of wisdom from Isabela herself, make sure to check out our exclusive interview with her below.

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