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Iskra Lawrence Responds To Body-Shamers After Being Cast In Zayn’s New Music Video


Iskra Lawrence Responds To Body-Shamers After Being Cast In Zayn’s New Music Video

The body-positive model has an important message for her cyberbullies.

Iskra Lawrence was recently cast in a total dream gig: she was featured as a fierce “Mystery Assassin” in Zayn Malik’s action-packed music video for “Sour Diesel.” While the model should have been happily celebrating her exciting debut, she was instead targeted by body-shaming cyberbullies who criticized her for her weight.

The body-positivity activist had to speak out after her DMs were flooded with rude comments, in hopes to share why making mean statements about anyone else’s body is just not okay. She posted a selfie she snapped in costume on set, and wrote wise words of wisdom.

“Took this in my trailer between filming my fight scenes for #sourdiesel what I wasn’t expecting was the DMs not only I received but my bestie received also, saying that I was too fat, desperate and disgusting to know Z or be involved – can we please stop this already,” she shared. “I’ve learnt how to let body shaming not affect how I feel about myself, but can we please start being kind and supportive to one another. (I understand I’m only speaking to a small handful of people as nearly all of you who follow me are very loving kind and supportive) but let’s stop putting limitations on ourselves and others start celebrating not shaming and embracing not bullying.”

“I know the comments may have come from a place of jealously, anger or sadness but if you’re hurting trying to hurt someone else will not help you heal,” she added. “So be kind to others and yourself ??.”

Iskra also shouted out Zayn himself for his stellar casting decision.

“Ps @zayn choose me because he knew I could kick — regardless of my size – we should be excited to see more size diversity in all areas of the media, including music videos ??,” she shared.

We’re so proud of Iskra for so eloquently turning this negative moment into an inspiring and understanding message for her followers.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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