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It’s National Pizza Day! See What Your Fave Topping Says About You!


It’s National Pizza Day! See What Your Fave Topping Says About You!

Plus which celebs love pizza!

Pizza is the greatest food ever created. And with the advent of social media, this fact has become even more apparent.  Now we see pizza pajamas, pizza selfies, and even songs about pizza. Selena Gomez is all about the crust, while Zayn Malik’s a deep dish kinda guy. So what does your favorite pizza topping say about you? If you order:

1. BBQ Chicken Pizza…like Joe Jonas

You are Zesty! Yep, you’re totally unique and you don’t really worry about what people think. You stay true to yourself, which is what your friends love about you!

2. Cheese Pizza…like Laura Marano

You are Saucy! You have a fun take on life, but you are also so warm hearted and a great comfort to others. People come to you when they need a shoulder to cry on. You are loyal & trustworthy and all your friends know they can count on you!

3. Veggie Pizza…like Demi Lovato

You might be a bit of a perfectionist at times, but people really appreciate that about you! There is nothing you can’t do once you’ve put your mind to it – maybe you’ll even eat pizza with the President, like Demi did last summer!

4. Pepperoni Pizza…like Luke Hemmings

You’re a risk taker and it always pays off! Spending time around you is crazy fun! When it comes down to it, you’re a down-to-earth babe who loves life and brings a smile everywhere you go!

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